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Example - How To Organize A Truck

Many new truck drivers have questions like:

- What should I bring with me?
- How will I store it all in my truck?

RoadWarrior CJ created a video for us to help answer these questions.  Take a look! 

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Example - Taking Advantage Of Opportunities

With a bit of planning, RoadWarrior Scott was able to go see his favorite baseball team play on opening day.  Here's what he shared...


"Trucking truly is what you make it. By that I mean, you can just get caught up in the running around from stop to stop, same old thing day in and day out… Or, you can do what I just did and stop by here in St. Louis, Missouri to watch my Cardinals play opening day against the Milwaukee Brewers.


Now, to make that happen I knew where I was routed and figured out how far I had to go each day the last 2 days. I worked out my delivery times to get here just in time to see the game so I could enjoy my favorite team in baseball, 11-time World Series Champions - St. Louis Cardinals."


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