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Trucking is an adventure.  Share it.

What Are RoadWarriors?

RoadWarriors are truckers who live for the adventure of traveling the open road and want to share their experience with others through words, photos and video.

How Does It Work?

Those who are selected to join the RoadWarriors, will have the chance to work with us to help give the next generation of truckers an inside look into life on the road.

We'll ask you to share stories, pictures and videos about different topics related to trucking.


Does It Cost?

No.  It's 100% FREE.  In fact, we could be paying you in the form of cash and prizes.  The best stories and adventures we receive will be published on our website, shared on social media. The Warrior of the Week will receive cash & prizes each week.

Show Me Examples

Whether you have a passion for writing or prefer capturing your thoughts on video - Driver Solutions wants to hear from you.  Tell us why you want to join the RoadWarriors using the short form on this page and we'll be in touch shorty to tell you if you're in.

Ready to join the RoadWarriors?

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